true jack russell words of wisdom…

jack russell terrier

Many a sunday afternoon I have seen Frank frantically running after our jack russell terrier lucy… It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling… yeah yeah, more so than usual.
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the creative state of morning

creative state of having no clue in the morning

The morning is an empty slate…or to give a more modern creative spin… an empty screen.

Notice how I skipped right over paper and went directly to the screen?

I personally am not that creative.  From the “creative types” I’ve listened to and interacted with (yes, other than Frank), not many of them ever refer to themselves as creative.  I find that interesting.  The people you’d think would do that, really don’t do that.  I suppose that if you are that type, you wouldn’t have to broadcast it.  Unless of course you were fishing for some extra spotlight or attention from someone else who would unnecessarily want to fawn all over you because you refer to yourself as “creative”.  The real ones, that do it because they love the process and the creation never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever say that they are creative.  It just is.

The more time and energy you spend telling the world how creative you are, the less time you have to actually prove it.  So, for all you “creative” types out there… after you read this, go makes something.  Hey, even if it’s burnt toast with moldy jam, at least you’re out there creating.  If you burn it really bad, just make up a good story about how it represents society’s fear of strawberry jam and the state of oppressed fruit.  You can really spin something like that.

to sell out and being okay with that…

to sell out principles

To sell out… on the one hand it’s the dream of all dreams.  To sell out means that there is something of value in the midst… value that could be of some use to someone of something else out there so they too could have something of value… and even add onto it.

I honestly don’t know if I have principles.  I like to think that I keep a good eye on what’s going on with me here and there.

I don’t know… that’s too far ahead into a future that may never exist.

I want pancakes now.

buttons and levers and tails, oh my!

buttons and levers

Push my buttons and see what happens.  Normally it doesn’t take much to get me going.  Sometimes, all it takes is just the slightest eye twitch and I explode live an over packed roman candle.  Wait, do they even make roman candles anymore? They should… I mean, what happens when the lights go out in Rome?  Wouldn’t those people use Roman candles to see what was going on?  Wouldn’t they?

the feeling of new…

the feeling of new

The feeling of new is great…but it eventually goes away.  All things are new at one point… mostly at the beginning.  Old things can be new if you’ve never seen them, heard them, felt them or tasted them before.  The only thing they have in common is feeling.

hipster bob? naaaah…


From what I can gather… and let’s face it, I was MADE for gathering… a hipster is someone who wears tight pants, drinks hot drinks out of eco-friendly re-useable containers, wears thick framed glasses and thinks everyone around them (not in the club) is somehow beneath or beside them.

Honestly, I could get behind all of that if it weren’t for the tight pants… not my scene baby.

meme in my dreams…

meme in my dreams...

Yeah, okay… I said it.  It might be marginally cool to be a meme.  Have that momentary moment of fake fame without the burden of fortune tied to it.  Have my image manipulated and re-manipulated and mutilated and carved, sliced, split and torn up and win different languages all over the great world wide world.  I am just asking for it every single day and every single night it doesn’t happen.  I use enough deodorant and brush my teeth when I think about it… so what’s wrong with good ‘ol Bob?  I could change, but I really don’t need to… the internet can handle all that for me, right?

the first cut is the cleanest…

cut cleanest scissors running

There are many interpretations of interpretations… some aren’t exactly the cleanest, but hey… they’re there and some actually work.

I do not advocate running with scissors.  You get nothing out of it…unless of course it’s in the emergency room and you’re a nurse or doctor.  If you’re in that situation, then, sure… running with scissors is perfectly acceptable.

Can you tell I’m rambling on?  I’m really looking forward to running with those scissors… if I win, I can finally get them to stop dumping their sharp wit on me.

It won’t be the cleanest race… I plan on cutting any corners I can.

Wish me luck.

gun control…

gun control

Yes, I said it… I am in favor of stricter gun control laws.  I may lose a few fans and friends for it, but I have to speak my mind and tail.

I’m not totally delusional… give me a bit of credit.  I know that no matter how many restrictions, laws, waiting periods, credit and background checks that are put in place, a bad crafter will find a way to get that glue gun.  It may be out of the trunk of some car in a Michael’s Art & Crafts parking lot.  Maybe a friend who isn’t using their legally obtained glue gun lets another friend borrow it for a while… the next thing you know there’s macaroni art all over the place and nothing, I MEAN NOTHING is safe from the dreaded bedazzled treatment.

Laws aren’t going to do it alone.  We need proper arts and crafts education, in the classroom, at home and in the media.  I mean, let’s face it, the young generation gets most of their education from the media anyway.  Teach proper glue gun safety.  Let the future know that it’s just not right to do bad crafts.  It’s a drag on the ego.  It’s a drag on friends and family.  Macaroni was meant to be in cheese or in red sauce… not glued to a hat and painted green.

I will not rest until the world is safe from glued on macaroni.  Oh yes.