act of reenactment…

reenactment of bob the squirrel

Maybe we’re all in a reenactment of something that’s already happened.  Maybe our entire universe is in the dimple of a single grain of sand in some kid’s backyard play area.  Maybe we’re really floating and the ground is doing all the moving.  Maybe Elvis is still alive and working as a chef.  Maybe the title of this blog post should have been “maybe.”

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about and all this is a dream.  Not my dream, but the dream of another squirrel they had three nights ago while awake and in a stupor of cheese curls and onion rings.  I’ve been there, that’s not a place you want to be awake in… for very long anyway.

Not that I have anything against onion rings… or cheese curls.

Are chance and fate things which are tangible?  If you can seemingly control chance and fate, are they REALLY chance and fate?  Is this life a script we’re biologically implanted with before our first breath and we’re just along for the acts and intermissions?  If that’s the case, do we get a re-write?

Now, this isn’t new territory.  Minds across generations; way, WAY above my pay grade, have pondered the scripted life in depth… watch a season of the original  Twilight Zone and you’ll get my meaning.  Funny, I’m telling you to wastch a scripted show to get a better idea of how your life may be scripted.

I think I just blew my mind.