mother’s day squirrelness…

mother's day bob the squirrelThis is a Mother’s Day Bob the Squirrel panel from back in the day… May 2011 to be somewhat more precise.  It says everything that I want to say about this day.

We can be over-mothered, under-mothered or completely un-mothered.  In that mix of motherness, there is a balance…but too often that balance is never attained.  Mothers can do everything, but everything isn’t everything.  They do what they can with what they have… they make mistakes.  Sometimes, they make big mistakes…Sometimes they’re taken for granted, not appreciated enough…assumed that they will always be there, no matter what… until that one day, they’re not.

Mother’s don’t get enough credit…that’s the bottom line.  Everyday is, or should be Mother’s Day.

Hug her if you haven’t.  Don’t worry about that last minute bouquet of flowers… just call her.  Flowers will eventually dry and fade… feelings of appreciation last way longer.

This has been a Squirrel Public Service Blog Post from Bob the Squirrel.

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