falling off the Earth…

falling off the earth

Yeah, maybe you guessed I’m a bit under the weather.  Not sick in a physical earth sense… more like I’m past singing the blues and now singing the purples.  And the purples aren’t making me feel any better.  Singing the blues is eventually supposed to make you feel a bit better.  I’m not even a bit. Not even a bit.

Honestly, I know one could never fall off the Earth.  Gravity makes you fall.  I could move away from the planet… but I would need to generate such a huge amount of energy to maintain that path that it would be easier just to take the hit like a squirrel and deal with whatever came.  I don’t think I’d land in the lap either.  The day I fall might be the only day that the Earth wanted to feel particularly pretty and decided to wear some funky vinyl/silk pants.  Might as well be teflon because I would just slide off into nothingness…Slipping the surly bonds of funky pants to touch the face of nothing.  Oh yeah.

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