Change the Squirrel…

change the squirrel

I’ve spoken many times about change.  Both in life and in nickels, dimes, pennies and quarters.  Sometimes, change is good.  Especially when you have the exact amount for that candy bar or bag of trail mix.  Sometimes, it is necessary… be it a bad situation a good situation that will eventually be bad or plain old boredom.  I can dig change… just so long as it doesn’t cut into my action… then I’ll typically have what is commonly referred to as “a beef” or “an issue”.

Ever wonder why it’s called “a beef”?  I suppose it’s because if you have “a ham”, “a pork” or “a chicken” the immediacy and roughness is gone.  Red meat is immediate.  Red meat means change… and change fast.

My life won’t change today…mostly because this transmogrifier takes D batteries and all we have in the house is 9Volts and AA.

Maybe tomorrow.

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