going viral… old school

going viral old school

I suppose if I were ever to go viral this would be the way to go.  The sad thing about this kind of viral is that no one wants to share… in fact, if they were any kind of decent person they would go out of their way not to share.

The last time I was sick, I was really sick.  I think I got it from Frank… I had to of… it’s not like I travel the world seeing and experiencing exotic things.  I was so sick that the days seemed like weeks and I coughed up stuff that was every color of the rainbow along with a few colors that haven’t even been invented.  But, I got through it.  Also got through a lot of tissues.  When those ran out, I started using Frank’s socks.  I forgot which ones I used so I never told him I used any of them.  I was hoping that the squirrel snot would dry out enough so that he wouldn’t notice.  I haven’t heard him say anything, but really, how many people would think there’d be squirrel snot in and on their wool socks?

Or their white socks?

Or their black socks?

Did I happen to mention that I was extremely sick?  That flu knocked me right on my tail.  I feel bad for snotting all over his socks, but what was I going to do?  I couldn’t wipe my nose on the carpet.  He’s lucky I couldn’t find any of his shirts.  Can you imagine all that inner snotty goodness on a freshly pressed shirt?  I might have cut myself on the creases!

I know this might be a tad more graphic than you anticipated, but I want to be sure you realize that I’m more than willing to share everything… viral or otherwise.

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