i am myth… with an order of fries…


It’s possible that my myth and your myth might be two different myths.  I think of a myth as a story used to take a complicated idea or event and break it down into more digestible (understandable) pieces.  In my case, myths are true.   No hammer of the gods, chilling on Mt. Olympus type stuff for this squirrel… No origin of the universe, no creation of life.  My mind is not able to wrap itself around big gigundo ideas like that… For one, it’s in my head…be kinda hard to get it out.  Secondly, if I started to wrap my head around it, I’d run out before putting on the bow.  (that was a gift wrapping joke… get it?)

Does something have to be true to be real?  Does something have to be real to be true?  Like I know… I mean, if I knew, why would I ask the questions?