the universe, time and nuts…

astronaut time universe

The universe is big.  Apparently.  So big that to wrap one’s head around it would take a lot of heads… and still there would be parts uncovered.

My universe is relatively small.  I like to keep it that way so my perspective remains somewhat within my… perspective.   Spending my time thinking that there’s something so big out there really does me no good here.  Sure, I begin to understand my miniscule place in this place and maybe a bit of humility… but in the end I still need to get my nuts in before winter.  If I don’t do that, is the universe gonna help a squirrel out?

Lately Frank has been drawing us in these astronaut helmets.  He’s been doing it A LOT.  You haven’t seen anything yet.  It makes me wonder… would wearing a helmet around all day really be such a bad thing?  In a way we all do this anyway… we let the things we want to see and here in and the things that don’t just bounce off the helmet to hit someone or something else.  A helmet is a protector, a filter.  By Frank drawing them as he has, he’s saying that society is consciously shutting itself out.  If we don’t take our helmets off and explore who we are, and  who others are, the problems that we have will only grow.  Maybe even as big as the universe itself.  The helmet protects his world.  He’s safe with that helmet on.  When someone sees that helmet they can tell right away that he’s not to be bothered… or he can’t be bothered.  It’s actually pretty cool— in a simple sort of way.  I guess it’d have to be if I got it.

Or, maybe he just likes drawing us in astronaut helmets… and it’s just a phase.  Who knows?  I’ll ask him when his helmet is off.

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