theme music and potential…

potential theme music

Theme music could totally amp me up to hit that potential potential.  I mean, nowadays, it is possible to carry an entire band in your pocket.  It would work out great for me if I had pockets.  Walk into a room, whip out that iPod with Bose speakers and BOOM… instant theme music.  Whoever was in there would know I had arrived and meant business.  Now, if I did that and the room was empty, I’d still feel pretty darn cool.

Then the question becomes, what kind of theme music do I need.  I suppose it would depend on how much potential I wanted to live up to.  Jaws had great theme music.  You knew something was gonna get bit when you heard those first two bass notes.  Charlie Brown has great theme music…even though the song doesn’t even have his name in it.  Do I need something with nuts in it?  Or violins?

Maybe I could get Hootie and the Blowfish to knock something out for me?

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