Bullying ends when you end it…it does get better…

bullying ...it does get better

Bullying …It does get better.

Frank did this panel way back in 2010…November 7, 2010 to be exact.   I can’t believe how different I looked back then…I wonder why he used to draw me like that… I look so… flat.

Anyway,  the message remains the same…and this happens to be one of my all-time favorites… simple and direct.. just like me.

I’ve seen Frank give lectures on bullying.  It’s stuff that is really sad to hear.  I sometimes forget all the tormenting that he had to endure just to get through the day.  He used a great deal of what he went through in his graphic novel “better man”  I know it was hard for him to be that honest… but I think that it was harder NOT to be honest.  He never really stood up for himself until later on.  I think if he had stood up earlier, his life would have been VASTLY different.  Who knows, maybe he and I would have never been a he and I.

Frank always likes to say: “You can let it define you or refine you.”  I pretty sure he made that up on his own.  Pretty cool, huh?

I’ll post more on bullying later on our journey together… stay safe out there tonight.

anywhere but here…

anywhere but here

Am I wrong?  Does “anywhere but here” make a tear drop’s worth of sense to anyone?  I mean, there will be here as soon as you get there.  So in essence you’d be replacing one here for another here.  A here is a here but it almost always starts out as a there.  A that place becomes a this place.  It’s the law…

I don’t like it, but I accept it.  Even paradise, which I talked about earlier, ends up being a here when you find it, label it and finally get there.

Wherever you are is a here.  Okay?

Halloween tickets and paradise…without Eddie Money

tickets to paradise

I had all this great Halloween stuff I wanted to rant about…. honest, I did.  But between where ever there was to this moment, the rant ranted right out of my head. I’ll talk more about the whole “there” and “here” thing later on in the day.

What is paradise?  I really don;t know how something so specific to the individual can have a very precise definition.  We have to settle for the vagueness of Webster or the inconsistency of Wikipedia or we can just look within ourselves to figure out our own definition.

I will not define my paradise.  If I have to constantly think about there being a better place than the one I’m currently in, what kind of attention will I pay to my place?  I mean, if there is a paradise, what’s the point of here?  Maybe if I did define my paradise, I’d be happier… but I doubt it.  What if paradise isn’t a specific place but rather a state of mind, a presence, an emotion?  What if  I figure out what it is and then later find something that is MORE paradisical? (is that a word?)

No matter what, I’m probably not going to be right.  So when Eddie Money sings on  and on about buying two tickets to paradise you have to wonder how well he knows the other ticket holder.  What if that isn’t their paradise?  It’s be a waste of a ticket.

I wonder if Eddie Money lies awake at night thinking he may have upset some philosophical balance?