Halloween tickets and paradise…without Eddie Money

tickets to paradise

I had all this great Halloween stuff I wanted to rant about…. honest, I did.  But between where ever there was to this moment, the rant ranted right out of my head. I’ll talk more about the whole “there” and “here” thing later on in the day.

What is paradise?  I really don;t know how something so specific to the individual can have a very precise definition.  We have to settle for the vagueness of Webster or the inconsistency of Wikipedia or we can just look within ourselves to figure out our own definition.

I will not define my paradise.  If I have to constantly think about there being a better place than the one I’m currently in, what kind of attention will I pay to my place?  I mean, if there is a paradise, what’s the point of here?  Maybe if I did define my paradise, I’d be happier… but I doubt it.  What if paradise isn’t a specific place but rather a state of mind, a presence, an emotion?  What if  I figure out what it is and then later find something that is MORE paradisical? (is that a word?)

No matter what, I’m probably not going to be right.  So when Eddie Money sings on  and on about buying two tickets to paradise you have to wonder how well he knows the other ticket holder.  What if that isn’t their paradise?  It’s be a waste of a ticket.

I wonder if Eddie Money lies awake at night thinking he may have upset some philosophical balance?

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