thinking in the third squirrel…

thinking in the third squirrel

I do a lot of thinking.  I’m too short to play basketball and my hands are too small to play video games.  After you brush your tail for the millionth time, what else is there to do?  I know what you’re thinking… if your hands are so small Bob, how can you do all this typing?



My brain doesn’t have an off switch.  I don’t even have a dimmer.  I tried squirrel yoga, squirrel meditation, squirrel monopoly, squirrel scrabble and squirrel roller derby.  I kinda liked squirrel roller derby… they serve really good roasted nuts there… medium rare just like i like them.

In a deep rut…

in a very deep rut

Ever feel like you’re going in circles? Or, you feel like you’re going straight but the scenery on either side of you revolves like when Fred runs through his house on the the Flintstones?  You’re in a rut.  You’re in a deep rut.

These things aren’t impossible to get out of.  The one thing that is needed is time.  The second thing needed is patience.  If you have at least one of those things, you can get the other.  If you have one and are frantic because you don’t have the other, you’ll be in a bad way and the rut will get deeper.

When you realize you’re in the rut, the best thing you can do is chill… that and check out the brontosaurus bone by your ear.