the futility of idiot persuasion…

idiot futility

The idiot and the squirrel: two things would prevail in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.

Someone once said that if the world were to be obliterated by nuclear war, the one thing that would survive were cockroaches.  I totally, totally, TOTALLY disagree.  An idiot knows no better, but also knows no worse.  The one thing that an idiot may have on his/her side is luck.  Blind luck.  Right place, right time luck.  The problem is, if you take an idiot under your wing, their luck is immediately neutralized…so their luck wouldn’t necessarily turn into your luck.  Luck, in many instances is way more useful than smarts… any smart person will probably tell you that exact thing.  Idiots don’t bring luck.  You don’t see many of them as good luck charms, do you?

If you take a squirrel under your wing, you will survive.  There are a number of biological reasons why this is the case, but just know that we were Macgyvers way before Richard Dean Anderson grew his first mullet.

I’m just sayin’…

One thought on “the futility of idiot persuasion…

  • January 25, 2013 at 7:58 am

    The squirrel we took in after Hurricane Isaac blew her out of her nest is now getting ready to leave us (we made a mistake and named her Earl, she is now Tallulah) , we started putting her cage outside during the day to get used to the weather outside. Up until now Tallulah has been inside with us, getting her exercise running all over the place or the tallest person in the room at the time. I didn’t realize I would miss her so much until she was outside yesterday and I was doing dishes and putting things away, I went to give Tallulah a treat, even talking to her and she wasnt there. MAN, I tell you I sure hope she waves at us from time to time after she leaves 🙂
    Someone that has taken a squirrel in more than once now 😀

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