is it cold enough for ya?

cold cold cold

It’s cold.  Every piece of hair on my body feels like an icicle clinging to the side of a building roof… in this case the icicles are more or less implanted into my body.  Not a great feeling when you’re 95% fur.  Not a great feeling if you’re 25% fur.  It’s just bad.

For those of you out there in above zero land, you should consider yourself lucky.  I would travel far far far right now to hit the teens.  To not hear the crunch of ice with every step anywhere.  I’ll refer back to this post when summer comes and my body feels like it’s on fire…it won’t help me through the heat, but it will be nice to reminisce.

Stay warm.  Any pets outside? BRING THEM IN!  If you don’t and they freeze, I’ll find your cruel behind and reign a fit of squirrel terror on you the world has yet to see or even remotely comprehend.  Take them in.

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