lip syncing as art…

lip syncing

We allow ourselves to get away with a lot sometimes.  Lip syncing is a good example.  We do it right once, isn’t once good enough?  I mean, DaVinci only painted one Mona Lisa, Picasso only did one Guernica, why should an artist be compelled to repeat something that they already did?   Pride?

Wanting to share something?  Be proud of something?  Be able to do it over and over again?

Why don’t we all just do something once and then use that one moment over and over to prove that we’re more than who we think we are… to keep that curtain covering the Wizard just one more time.

If you can sing, sing.  If you can dance, dance.  If you can draw, draw.  Don’t be okay with tracing something you’ve already done.  Don’t make the artificial real.

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