pop culture…and the horse she rode in on…

pop culture

I think pop culture is incorrectly labeled.  Instead of pop culture, it should be oops culture.  Think about it.

Much of what constitutes that area is nothing more than a calculated accident.  Yeah, I said it…it’s an oxymoron that seems to really work when talking about this.  The powers that be out there, which really aren’t powers at all… merely those who know which ears are the right ears to talk into.  Those of us in the trenches of real reality are of course showered with these notions of the new state of cool.  Wait, do people even say cool anymore?  I mean, in reference to something other than a refrigerator or the weather.


Would it be so bad to echo around in one of those right ears?  The spark would be momentary… oh, but what a moment.   I mentioned once how I’d love to be even a cultural footnote of some sort.  Whether or not that will ever happen isn’t up to me.  I might not even see it.

What if i get it and I don’t want it?  Tough walnuts.

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