Why Rachael Ray is the love of Bob’s life

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Rachael Ray is awesome.

Those of you out there who have followed me since I was first poorly drawn know there are a few prevailing themes in my life.  One: I don’t speak english, I speak sarcasm.  Two: I like standing on Frank’s shoulder when we go anywhere because if he’s walking, why should I?  And three: I am hopelessly in love with celebrity food guru Rachael Ray.

Oh, I’ve denied it to myself many times.  At one point I even considered ending the non-relationship altogether.  But, when love is love it’s love, right?

I love the fact that she’s pint sized.  I love that she smiles a lot.  I love that she can take ingredients and MacGyver it into dinner in less than 30 minutes.  I love that even though it seems like she’s not real, she is real.  I love that she’s goofy in a very smart way.  I love that I can turn on the TV at pretty much any point of the day and be able to find at least one show she’s on.  I can always count on Rachael to be there when I need something familiar.

I’ve sent valentines. I’ve written songs.  I’ve made her stuff with my own hands that Frank fixed.  All those movies about how to get the girl or the guy lied to me.  I even wanted to pull a “Say Anything…” moment and stand outside her house holding up a boom box.  This last one could work if: I had a clue where she lived, and my tree-climbing arms could hold up a boom box for an entire song.

Now that I think about it, I COULD hold up an iPad.  Yeah… I think this one might have to go back on the to-do list.

I’m not crazy, jI just really dig what she does and what she has made herself into. What I feel treads that very thin line between love and insanity.  When you’re there that;s how you KNOW it’s real.

She’s just great.  The things that we enjoy and love make us happy.  They don’t have to do anything else but that.  Rachael Ray makes me happy.  I will continue to love her from afar…I just hope that this thin line doesn’t break on me.

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