Lies, truth and the end of believing…

lies truth and what you see...

Without a score, how do you know who wins?  What is the truth?

I know, pretty heavy, right?

There really isn’t such a thing as a universal truth anymore.  If I was standing next to you and we saw a yellow balloon floating past us in the sky, I can almost guarantee that our recounting of the event would be different.  I personally don’t like the color yellow… so that dislike would probably color (sorry) the story that I tell.  You, on the other claw, may have an unnatural obsession with lemons… and this issue with citrus would probably make you tell a different story.  So… what’s the truth?

They both are.  We see what we see and then our little brains (mine brain is smaller…but it’s not about the size, it’s how you use it) process that visual through the memory banks of our past experiences.  Those experiences, good or bad, add spice to the visual.  You and I may have sent a potato into the kitchen, but yours came out french fried and salted… mine came out mashed covered in bacon and cheddar cheese.  Both are potato… just different flavors.

Truth absolute… is a figment.  Deal with it.

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