give up and giving down…

trying and results

if at first you don’t succeed, give up and don’t worry about it.  you know why?  neither do i.

what’s the point of trying when you automatically think that you’ll not make it?  wouldn’t it be easier to just chill and watch every other fly on the wall fall off onto the sticky paper?  i’m not saying there are a lot of flies where i live, i’m just saying.

don’t you think that would get old after a while?  giving up before you try?  i’m out on the street slugging it out every day.  well, that’s not really true either, but being an inspiration to a cartoonist isn’t exactly an easy gig either.  you want to see a guy try and fail, you need to hang out with him.  he’ll tell you a thing or ten about failing and giving up.  i think he only gave up once.  i think what kept him from doing it again was that he got really bored.  even if you try, fail and give up… at least it keeps you busy.

then we can talk about luck.  luck is a big factor.  luck can take a dumb thing and make it popular. luck can make a bad play a game changer.  luck can change the world and rewrite history.  the one thing luck can’t do is be predictable.  you can’t depend on luck… at all… no matter how many horseshoes you have in your pocket.

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