gun control…

gun control

Yes, I said it… I am in favor of stricter gun control laws.  I may lose a few fans and friends for it, but I have to speak my mind and tail.

I’m not totally delusional… give me a bit of credit.  I know that no matter how many restrictions, laws, waiting periods, credit and background checks that are put in place, a bad crafter will find a way to get that glue gun.  It may be out of the trunk of some car in a Michael’s Art & Crafts parking lot.  Maybe a friend who isn’t using their legally obtained glue gun lets another friend borrow it for a while… the next thing you know there’s macaroni art all over the place and nothing, I MEAN NOTHING is safe from the dreaded bedazzled treatment.

Laws aren’t going to do it alone.  We need proper arts and crafts education, in the classroom, at home and in the media.  I mean, let’s face it, the young generation gets most of their education from the media anyway.  Teach proper glue gun safety.  Let the future know that it’s just not right to do bad crafts.  It’s a drag on the ego.  It’s a drag on friends and family.  Macaroni was meant to be in cheese or in red sauce… not glued to a hat and painted green.

I will not rest until the world is safe from glued on macaroni.  Oh yes.

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