tired of trying…

tired of trying

Some days, trying might as well be a double marathon.  What’s the point?  If you allow yourself to think about it for about two seconds, you see that the cost of inactivity is far greater than any “rest” you’d get by being a lump.  We’re all tired…tired of waiting for the break, tired of working for that break, tired of working for something invisible or in existence somewhere you’ll never be or see.  We’re tired of eating and wondering why we’re eating this.  We’re sick of wondering why we treat ourselves so bad when we shouldn’t.

We’re sick of hearing that, “you look tired, you should rest.”  Rest?  Seriously?

So, I keep trying… even though it seems I wake up more tired than before I went to sleep.  Even though the aches and pains seem worse the day after and more worse two days after.  I get up and I try.  Because, that’s what I do.  That’s what Frank does.  I have to admire him for that.  Well, there’s no rule that says I HAVE to admire him for that.

Maybe I’m just tired.


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