empty inside out…


I’m sure you felt empty yesterday without me.  Even if you didn’t, I want to think you did…because that’s the type of needy squirrel I tend to be…this time of year.

Wait, that’s not entirely true… I’m pretty needy all the time.  I say that I don’t need any validation, but I do.  We all do.

I spent the majority of the day sitting on the couch, looking out the front window and eating clementines.  I didn’t have any moments of clarity, no big decisions made or struggled over… I just had the couch, the snow and the citrus.  Frank was in his little studio working away on something, but I think he was just watching british sitcoms on netflix and intermittently throwing some ink on paper.  I guess he’s entitled to a day of inertness too… he takes them SO frequently.

The man is a machine in the body of a aging geek waiting impatiently for that moment where and when the masses see the body of work he’s created and wonder, “Why the hell haven’t we seen this guy before… he;s been around FOREVER!” If that never happens, it’s unfortunate… but that doesn’t mean Frank will stop being that machine. Years from this day,  if the only thing left on the machine are two bolts, a rusty nut and a squeaky conveyor belt, Frank will still be making something with it.  Empty or not, he’ll still be there.

I smell like fruit salad.  I find that comforting.

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