squirrel in disguise with diamonds…


I need a disguise.

Not all the time, just some of the time.  Once was a time where I could go out and be anonymous.  I could roam about, mind my own business and it would be as though I was merely part of the scenery.  I didn’t have to be on my guard…aside from the occasional feral cat.

But now, it’s as if my days of hiding in the chorus and merely mouthing the words to the song are long gone.  I have to be a main player, whether I feel like performing or not.  I almost always need to be on top of my game, have the song and dance memorized because if I don’t, I let someone down.  As much of a selfish squirrel that I think I am, there’s still a bit of me that hates letting someone down.  It costs nothing to be polite and friendly.

So that’s what I do.  Disguises hide nothing. Still like them, but they hide nothing.

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