Frank Page’s altar of creation

altar of creation

This messy place is where creation takes place.  It sounds religious… but it’s not.  It’s spiritual.

This is what Frank sits before nearly every single day.  Sometimes, this is a place of joy, other times there is just the sound of a head thudding against white masonite.  That ruler you see has been with Frank for nearly 20 years.  He never misses an opportunity to tell me where he got it…1994, Central Avenue, Albany, NY.  A mom and pop office supply store that is long gone.  It was one of those places that had inventory piled from floor to ceiling and aisles that barely allowed a single body room to navigate it.  He needed it for an art class… never thought it’d still be with him years later.  “This thing was made to outlast me.  So far, we’re even.”

He loves it here.  This is the same board he’s had for 11 years.  The ink splotches in the lower right hand corner have been layered and layered to the point where they are currently 1/4 of an inch high.  I’m not sure if that’s cool or a waste of ink.

The pen holder above the ink splotches is nothing but old dirty kneaded eraser.  Too sticky to use on drawings, but perfect to act as a gravity inhibitor for pens. (the board is set at a slight angle.)

On the left hand side, there’s the light box.  He doesn’t use this as much as he once did…most likely because he draws relatively fast now…trusting his instinct more and sketching less.

The pens, pencils and markers?  They come and go as tools grow worn or run out of ink.

He’s had that pencil sharpener for 10 years too.  Although that has recently been replaced.  The new one sharpens faster and better, but it still will take some getting used to.

This is his altar.  His most favorite corner of the world.  I respect it. I wish I had something as special as he has in this well worn place.  It’s beautiful.


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