one tough weed and sidewalks…


A weed is one of the toughest living things out there.

Picture a sidewalk.  Sidewalks are made to make it easier for people to get from one place to another… without having to worry about getting hit by a vehicle (or a horse).  They almost always go the same places that the road goes… But, the sidewalk is on the outside of the usual road traffic.  It has its own type of traffic.  They both get to the same places, they just get there in different ways and forms.  Sidewalks are heavy… made of cement and concrete… but, they’re not “built”…they are poured into forms.  So, sidewalks have the potential to be much more than a road can ever be.  Their shape is not clearly defined until that form is made.  sidewalks are colorless, grey, white… but every once and a while, a weed, seemingly weak and meek, manages to break through the rigid structure and breathe.  Persistence gets you through those cracks, persistence makes those cracks… persistence shows the will to live.  I think we could all learn a lesson for that weed… striving towards a tiny sliver of light… to live.

You can’t control where the sidewalks go or how they are poured, but you can control those cracks… those openings, those little rifts in the structure, are what you have to grow through to  see the pale blue sky and warm your petals in the sun.

That’s hard.  but that’s what you have to, or though past choices, are forced to do.

It would be great to be in a vast field where you could grow as tall and high as you want…but then you’d just be another weed in a sea of blooms.

A dandelion growing through a sidewalk is infinitely more beautiful to me than an acre of roses.

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