the artist formerly known as frank…

the artist

What you see is a sketch of the artist that makes most of all this possible. This doodle and I have been through a lot together.  I started being real when he started being serious… i think.

I often wonder why he never put me in this sketch.  Maybe he was thinking of me when he sketched himself looking at himself and wondering how he was able to do that.  I heard Frank talking to Lauren today about drawing.  Lauren asked him why he draws so much if he hates it.  “i don’t hate it, but I think sometimes I love cartooning more than it will ever love me.  That is the definition of passion for something… for me anyway.  You have to keep at it day after day because maybe one day, 10,000 drawings from the one in front of you, it will love you back.  If you don’t pursue its love, what’s the point?” It was about here where Lauren went back to her chicken fingers and barbeque sauce and Frank to his chicken parm sandwich…consoling himself in knowing that one day she’ll understand what he said today.

Or, maybe not.

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