it’s the thought that counts on the floor…


Thought we’d mine the archives for a nugget or two.  I distinctly remember this like it was yesterday… even though it was April 29, 2010.  I really wanted that sandwich.  My mouth had been watering all day to get that sandwich.  I even had the two best middle sliced of bread in the loaf all picked out for it.  The knife was surgically clean, the peanut butter… well, it was fresh chunky goodness waiting to be spread.  All the variables were lined up perfectly.  I said that word… excuse me while I slap myself around.


Long story short, my clumsiness and a hefty dose of gravity took what probably was going to be a pretty significant moment for me.  A couple of lessons are apparent here.  The first one is that you can never prepare for everything.  No matter how air tight you think your situation is, leaks can still be sprung.  They seem to happen when the guard is nearly down.  If you want to let your guard down, you have to expect problems… sad but true.

The second lesson is: no matter how great the ingredients, Frank doesn’t like hairy sandwiches.

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