don’t forget to plant the sunflowers – a collection of the 2018 bob the squirrel daily comic strips. By the way, this is the 14th Bob the Squirrel comic strip collection. (whoa) Those of you that have been with us will know that 2018 has been a bit of challenge. But we’ve almost made it… click here to grab your very own copy.

i’ve seen better days – the 2018 SQUIRRELOSOPHY collection. This is the 7th SQUIRRELOSOPHY collection (double whoa). 140 pages of weird squirrel goodness. It’ll have you thinking on one page and laughing on the next. If you like weird and you love squirrels… it’s a good book to have. click here to grab your very own copy.


2018 just got a LOT cheaper to BUY BOB ART!!!

Simply scroll to the panel you want on If there’s a “OWN THIS SQUIRREL” button underneath the panel, it’s available for purchase. If not, then… I think you get the idea.

Also check THE ARCHIVE page… for a rundown of past panels.

SALE IS GOOD THRU THE END OF 2018. Now is the time to acquire that squirrel art you’ve been admiring!

If you don’t want to scroll back through YEARS of panels, email me and I’ll do it for you. Every original art purchase goes toward my squirrel drawing habit. 🙂