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maybe it has…

/ Art, Creativity, Culture

hold your end up…

/ Balance, Culture


/ Creativity, Culture

but I lost the manual…

/ Art, Balance

two ways plus three

/ Culture, Humor

fo sure…

/ Life, Love

surprise or suprise?

/ Society

past this way…

/ Motivation, origin

musky smell…

/ Creativity

bread of the banana

/ Art, Balance, Culture

too long…

/ Link, Love, Motivation

or there…

/ Culture

Another Me…

/ Technology

to the side of it…

/ Art, Balance, Culture

lots of impact…

/ Art, Culture

and there again…

/ Balance, Technology

aware and away

/ Culture, Perspective

not there

/ Creativity, Culture, Fate

being with you…

/ Art, Balance, Culture

promises, promises

/ Creativity

what meaning?

/ Humor, Love, Motivation

say what?

/ Culture, Society, Truth

it just is…

/ Balance, Culture

we will

/ Culture

they love me…

/ Culture

little star…

/ Culture


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