the switch…

switching your mind off is dangerous

Yes, I indeed hit the switch and turned my mind off this weekend.  Squirrels were built for a lot of things, but thinking deep thoughts was not really taken into heavy consideration when the biology factory started churning us out.  I literally felt my brain sizzling like a Sunday gravy meatball.  I didn’t pay much attention to it until I began to smell burning cashews.  Yes, that was my brain… and yes a burning squirrel brain smells like over roasted cashews.  You won’t find that little bit of info in any biology or zoology text… trust me.

So I hit the switch to rest the brain.  Hopefully, that little bit of rest de-sizzled my noggin enough to keep this party going.  I have a lot to say over the next few months… i just don’t know it.

I can’t say that I feel refreshed in any way.  I honestly felt more squirrelly not doing anything that if I were chugging out the nuts of philosophical bob-ness.  I had to force myself to do nothing.  Duct tape was a big help in that department.  Duct tape, as is a recurring theme in our world, can do just about everything.  It can even make a squirrel relax.   Getting it all off me made for a bit of anxiety, but everything up to that point was pretty cool.

Now where is that switch?  Probably under some piece of duct tape.