a Valentine moment…

valentine moment

I’m not a fan of Valentines and Valentine’s Day.

I can look up the history of the day, but I know why it REALLY exists.  It exists because you don’t have a real selling holiday between Christmas and Easter….enter Valentine’s day.  That chocolate has to move somehow… those roses have to be cut for a reason, right?

If you love and are in love with whoever you’re with, EVERY SINGLE DAY is Valentine’s day.  I personally do not have such a partner, but I can see what Frank and Lezley have.  There are days where they are monkey stomping on each others last nerve…but no matter what, they love each other.

Storybook love is great for storybooks… it’s short, passionate and instant.

Real love means remembering to buy toilet paper and dish soap.  Real love is seeing that your pajamas are washed and folded waiting for you to hop in them.  Real love is getting an unexpected turkey sandwich for lunch.  Real love is brushing the snow off of her car when you know she hates doing that.  Real love is cleaning the litter boxes when you know he’s too tired to do it.  Love is something that should start out a spark and burn hot and huge no matter how heavy or light the wind and rain is.

Love is candy and roses too…but those things last a day, love is forever.

If I am ever lucky enough to find one-tenth of the love those two have for each other… wow.  Just wow.

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