blizzard of bob…

blizzard of bob

I stay inside when it’s nice out, so a blizzard to end all blizzards doesn’t really mean as much to me as someone who actually leaves their living space.  I don’t interact much with anything outside this little frozen, soon to be potentially covered with snow circle.

I live in Central New York.  Most people who don’t live in New York think that New York is just New York City… all the rest of that stuff attached to it is merely the stand for New York City.  There’s definitely a lot more to New York.  Upstate used to be quite the manufacturing mecca…but technology, economy and just plain time has gutted a once vital center.  We still got the goods… just not as much as we once had.  Someone sarcastically once said the only thing we make around here anymore is Chicken Riggies, Tomato Pie and snow.  Sarcastic as the tone of the statement was, it was was completely true… we do make all that stuff pretty well.

So if the snow does hit hard, we’ll all be inside…eating chicken riggies and tomato pie… Not a bad way to ride a storm out, huh?

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