repulse, recycle, reuse…

recycle, reuse, repulse...

Recycle everything.  It just makes sense, doesn’t it?  I can’t imagine a world (at least my part of it) without those little blue bins.  The paper that you write on today could be a cereal box tomorrow.  It’s a modern-ish form of reincarnation.  If you look at it from that perspective then it seems pretty cool.  It seems positive.

The idea that despite what you’ve done, you have a chance to be re-invented… transformed into something completely different is extremely appealing to me.  But if you take a closer look, what really will change?  If i recycle myself into something else, I’ll still be comprised of the basic initial raw material.  I may look different, I may take up a different amount and type of space, but the reality is, it’s still Bob.  Whether I’m a soup can or a soda can, it’s still me.

How do you recycle what’s inside is the real trick.  If you want to be completely different, you probably shouldn’t have started out as you.  Nothing lasts forever, no question about that… but with a bit of creativity and diligence and willingness to be environmental, it could last longer.

But your soul?  Good luck with that.

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