motions in a maze…

motions in a maze

Forwards, backwards, round and round and round… motions.  Motions of our day-to-day that basically create our existence.  If one does not move, does one exist?  While you’re chewing on that, think about this:  If you are moving, but your motions are identical all the time, do you still exist?  Your circuit is closed. There is juice flowing, but it’s the same juice, same motion.

I’m not smart enough to figure that out.  I haven’t slept on enough of the right thick books to have that kind of insight soak into my brain.  I just move from one part of the maze to the other hoping i don’t bump my head on any of the walls… avoiding the same dead ends and hoping that by the time I get to the end, the cheddar has somehow turned into velveeta.  Not that my life would change if it were velveeta… but it’s a change nevertheless.

You can’t have change without losing something.  There’s only so much water that will fit into the glass.

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