squirrelosophy lifeThere comes a point in a creator/creation relationship where the line  blurs.  It could be a really bad thing…but maybe not.

In the Bob the Squirrel comic strip, I have literally mined my daily existence for material.  Long time readers are well aware of my willingness to put everything, good, bad or embarrassing right in the strip.  10 years of ups and downs…almost 4000 comic strips…

But I wanted to do something more.  Bob wanted to do something more.  He has a unique perspective on being in the world.  How could you not have a unique perspective being only 13 inches tall (on tippy-toes)?  HOw many opportunities does one get to hear the musings of a squirrel?

In April 2012, I started drawing an extra panel of bob and posting on bobthesquirrel.com.  I had all these other ideas for things Bob could say that just wouldn’t fit in the daily strip context.  I didn’t think anything of it, really…they were just fun to do.  But then something happened… the ideas started flooding into my brain.  Sometimes, faster than I could even write them down or draw them.  It’s one of those situations dudes like me pray to be in.  Inspiration overload.

There were days where I would post three or even four panels.  No sooner were they drawn, they were posted.  The production level was addicting…and it showed no signs of slowing down.  Readers seems to dig the little extra Bob in their day.

So, what else could I do?  I was in danger of having the one-off panels taking over the strip.  I was concentrating more on the panels than on the strip that got me there.  There had to be a division.  A clear cut difference between the strip and Squirrelosophy… a name that seemed appropriate.  Once the name was determined, I decided to put my one college semester as a philosophy major to good use.  In addition to shareable images of your favorite sarcastic squirrel, you’ll get a little running commentary about the image… and maybe a few life lessons and assignments.

Bob of course, is way smarter than me.  You’ll see.

Is it more work?  Yes.  Is it more of an investment?  Yes.  Is it a labor of love?  Yes.  Will you like it?  I don’t know…but Bob and I are having fun finding out.

give up and giving down…

trying and results

if at first you don’t succeed, give up and don’t worry about it.  you know why?  neither do i.

what’s the point of trying when you automatically think that you’ll not make it?  wouldn’t it be easier to just chill and watch every other fly on the wall fall off onto the sticky paper?  i’m not saying there are a lot of flies where i live, i’m just saying.

don’t you think that would get old after a while?  giving up before you try?  i’m out on the street slugging it out every day.  well, that’s not really true either, but being an inspiration to a cartoonist isn’t exactly an easy gig either.  you want to see a guy try and fail, you need to hang out with him.  he’ll tell you a thing or ten about failing and giving up.  i think he only gave up once.  i think what kept him from doing it again was that he got really bored.  even if you try, fail and give up… at least it keeps you busy.

then we can talk about luck.  luck is a big factor.  luck can take a dumb thing and make it popular. luck can make a bad play a game changer.  luck can change the world and rewrite history.  the one thing luck can’t do is be predictable.  you can’t depend on luck… at all… no matter how many horseshoes you have in your pocket.

what is “normal”?

bob the squirrel's normal squirrelosophy

i really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really dislike, oh, i’ll just say it… HATE the word “normal”.  there’s just something about it that makes my fur crawl…literally crawl.  i have pictures, i’ve seen it crawl.

normal means that there has to be something that is not usual.  by and large, it’s supposed to apply to something that is universal over a wide area.   if we were to accept that there was no normal, i think we’d all be somewhat better off for it.

i understand that the concept of normal must exist.  without it, products could not be advertised…nothing ideal could or would be sold.  if there were no normal wouldn’t be any promise out there of something “better”.

what do i know?  i’m just a “normal” talking squirrel.  that is my concept of that word.  it’s not universal… only to me.  wanting to banish the word  isn’t exactly normal to someone else.  probably a good indication that i will not win.

although, we could replace the word normal with the prefix “finefor”—like “fineforyou” or “fineforme”…all it needs is a pronoun to work. squirrelosophy is more apt to embrace this word rather than that other word.

maybe i just need an extremely long squirrel nap.

the unbearable lightness of being a nutcracker

bob the nutcracker

you ever get to that point where you realize that no matter what you do from that day on, that’s all you’ll be?  the day i realized i was what is so wonderfully illustrated was an interesting day.  i’m not going to go so far as to say this realization was what made me embrace a squirrelosophy of life, but it didn’t hurt.

i also realized that even though i might not be completely happy with my station in life, someone out there might be jealous that i can do what i do.

i mean, that’s cool.  although, once they realize that rolling around with this tail isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, they’ll be moping like me hanging out in some tree.  been there, done that.

i’ve cracked a lot of nuts in a lot of trees.

the beginning of squirrelosophy

SQUIRRELOSOPHY? What is that?  A new makeup?

When someone sets out to write a book about life, they have to ask themselves a big question: what do I know that no one else knows?  I mean someone has to know what I know, right?  I’m just a squirrel but I may know more than you think.

So, with a ton of help from my faithful sidekick Frank Page,  I’ve created SQUIRRELOSOPHY.  I will be posting from time to time about what I think about life…because that what I do…they may be in the form of images or text or both.  Am I going to make your life better? Read on, bookmark this, subscribe and find out.

As much as I like to hide it, the fact of the matter is: I am a squirrel. Do I always follow my own advice? Absolutely not. I am hypocrite… if there were such a thing, I’d be a lifetime member of hypocrite society.

Will squirrelosophy be taught one day in our many institutions of higher learning?  I don’t know.  It’s cool to think that it could.

So, this is the beginning.  If you have any thoughts about what I could think about, find my perspective on, email us.

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