the do over…

the do over

Ah, yes… the all important do over.  Our culture and society have programmed ourselves with the ability to undo or do over.  A single Command-Z or Control-Z keystroke and at least one current mistake or sin is washed away into electronic oblivion.  On the surface, it is a thing of beauty.  One undo (sometimes multiple… but for my purposes, lets keep it one… choice breeds conflict after all…)   It’s a good thing that real, conventional life does not come equipped with that literal option.  Let’s face it… abuse would be rampant.  Some electro-gearheaded-hacker would find a way to turn one undo in multiple undos. I talked about this before…


feel better moment…

momentarily feel better

I’ll admit, there are times when I don’t really want to feel better.  I just don’t think that it would be in my best interest at that particular moment to do that.  Feeling better is more like fleeting better.  It doesn’t really last as long as it should.  So, I like to save up that feeling better time from when I’m so low I can scratch the bottom of my feet while still standing.

Ice cream makes me feel better.  The coolness, the sweetness, the sheer abandon of it.  There’s no point in trying to look cool when you eat ice cream… especially if it’s on a cone.  If you’re one of those people that eats an ice cream cone with a spoon, you need to not talk to me.  Why take something that is fun and make it a lesson in manners?  C’mon.

Don’t forget the calcium… ice cream has calcium.  We all need that.  Seriously, we do.


the yin-yang of bob

ying and yang of bob the squirrel

I like the concept/philosophy of the yin-yang.  Everyone and everything can draw their origin and meaning from this.

In the area of the country I live in, we have what are called half-moon cookies…which were conceived less than 15 miles from where I write this.  Many people call them black and white cookies, many don’t have a clue as to what they are.  I always thought they were yin-yang cookies.  They’re kinda messy… especially if you get them fresh.  But, with the mess you get the deliciousness… two complementary forces working together in order to give you a pleasurable experience.  Seinfeld did an episode of his show featuring one of these cookies.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to share all this.  I often think, as I watch the love between Frank and Lezley that they too are yin-yang.  Frank is uptight, quiet, mostly serious and focused on a limited area.  He’d rather read a book than go out on the town.  Lez, on the other side of the cookie, is outgoing, friendly and lights up any room she walks into.  She makes people feel comfortable.  Now, on paper (or a screen) a relationship between these two people, taking in all the considerations and characteristics, should not work.  It might work for a while, but eventually it will stop working.

Not this yin-yang.  If ever there were two people who work well together, it’s these two.  I’m not just saying that because I have to live with them.  They genuinely compliment each other.  Each of their individual strengths combines to create this sort of Voltron like being. It’s pretty cool to watch.  Especially when they form the blazing sword.  I’m also convinced that no one else on the planet would be able to put up with their respective faults.  It’s good when things work out.

Hopefully all you yins will eventually find your yangs.

defend defense…

defend your defense stand up...

I sit down a lot.  I tend not to defend that which will get me out of whatever I’m sitting on or in.  I make no apologies for that.  I’ve learned that I shouldn’t jump into a fight I don’t know the sides of.  Am I passionate?  Sure…to a point. I’m far more willing to be a spectator than be spectated.  It’s more comfortable to hide behind something than stand in front of it.

This part of my personality has to be packed away and never heard from again.  What is the ever loving point of living if you can’t find the strength to defend what’s important or what you think is right?  Why sit and let others fight your battle?  Because it’s easy that’s why.  Cower in your little cocoon and wait for the sun to shine another day… wait for the dust to clear and the debris to be removed.  The trouble is, when you pop out of that cocoon, there might not be anything out there to pop out to.

I have to start standing up.  I can only imagine that the view is much better when you stand up.  It has to be.  It just has to be.

the life of words…

the life of words

Words are interesting.  They comprise a good chunk of how we communicate.  They live well past the biology of our bodies and minds.  They are living things that don’t require food or water… just the air on which to spread.  Words start wars… but they also end them.  They can stir up an emotion in the half blink of an eye…they are everything and nothing at the same time.

There are other forms of communication… some can even argue that a visual form of communication is superior to words… or even audio… Seems to me a word can bridge into both of those forms, making it much more effective, provided of course that it is spoken or written in a language you understand.

If I could be Chaplin, I would.  He said everything visually… with the occasional intertitle as a bridge.  But what if someone was blind?  How then could he communicate?

I’ll never be Chaplin… then again, he’ll never be a squirrel.  Use your words wisely.

after Boston…

after the BOston Marathon Bombing what can be said?

What happened in Boston yesterday can be described in many ways.  The horrible thing is, explanations and investigations to find out why cannot change the what.  It was something a sick mind or minds came up with to serve a sick means to an end.  No matter how many answers are found, there will always be more questions in Boston.

In the coming days, weeks and months, a great deal of attention will be paid to this historic New England city.  Boston is one of the cities  where it can be argued that the United States was born.  Seeds of revolution were sown in its soil over 200 years ago.  It’s a city of people bred from that stock of strong individuals who came together to become an independent nation.

I’m not going to say “united we stand.”  Slogans aren’t what is needed right now.  Maybe later.  It’s obvious that we really aren’t united.  Healing comes first.  Often we tend to dwell on the bad around us… because, it’s what we do…it’s what the news tends to do.  But, there is so much more good out there than there’s bad…we have to believe that.

There has to be.

There has to be.



ghostbuster bob…

ghostbuster bob

This is me as a Ghostbuster… Frank did it last year as an art auction piece.  This happens to be one of my favorites of his marker work.  I like the peanut, I like the color of the blaster stream, I even like the green slime on my nose.  I don’t like to give Frank a ton of credit simply because inflating his ego makes him difficult to live with.

I’m sure this piece has a wonderful home now.

dirty picture of frank…

dirty picture of frank

This is a dirty picture of Frank.  Normally, he would be safe, sound and clean at the drawing board.  This weekend, he was afforded no such luxury.  There’s nothing wrong with hard work… certainly nothing wrong with hard and dirty work.  It’s funny to see him like this mostly because it’s not me who is dirty.

unpopular and ignored…

unpopular and ignored
Which is the most efficient way to be?  Unpopular or ignored?  Being unpopular suggests that at one point wither you were popular or enough is known about you so that you become unpopular.  Ignored means just being ignored… not sure which is better… or worse