cultural footnote of culture…


I’m not entirely sure if practice makes perfect on this one.  Seems to me that pretty much anyone willing to make a fool of themselves can get their name stamped somewhere on our evolved culture… as of late anyway.  I’ll just patiently wait in line for my turn…wouldn’t want to cut ahead of anyone or anything… well, that’s not true… i totally would cut ahead… if I felt the time was right…or even left.

the downside of childhood…


the downside of childhood is that you can’t stay there forever.  eventually something or someone or just plain old time rips you right out of there just when it starts to get really good.

i’m just saying…

i am myth… with an order of fries…


It’s possible that my myth and your myth might be two different myths.  I think of a myth as a story used to take a complicated idea or event and break it down into more digestible (understandable) pieces.  In my case, myths are true.   No hammer of the gods, chilling on Mt. Olympus type stuff for this squirrel… No origin of the universe, no creation of life.  My mind is not able to wrap itself around big gigundo ideas like that… For one, it’s in my head…be kinda hard to get it out.  Secondly, if I started to wrap my head around it, I’d run out before putting on the bow.  (that was a gift wrapping joke… get it?)

Does something have to be true to be real?  Does something have to be real to be true?  Like I know… I mean, if I knew, why would I ask the questions?

squirrel in disguise with diamonds…


I need a disguise.

Not all the time, just some of the time.  Once was a time where I could go out and be anonymous.  I could roam about, mind my own business and it would be as though I was merely part of the scenery.  I didn’t have to be on my guard…aside from the occasional feral cat.

But now, it’s as if my days of hiding in the chorus and merely mouthing the words to the song are long gone.  I have to be a main player, whether I feel like performing or not.  I almost always need to be on top of my game, have the song and dance memorized because if I don’t, I let someone down.  As much of a selfish squirrel that I think I am, there’s still a bit of me that hates letting someone down.  It costs nothing to be polite and friendly.

So that’s what I do.  Disguises hide nothing. Still like them, but they hide nothing.

why’s it got to be so complicated?


I like simple.  Know why?  Because simple isn’t complicated.  Complicated takes time and time is something I’m not overly willing to waste.  Why use 50 words to say something when the right 5 words can do just as good a job?  Why is it that when we want to be perceived as intelligent or smart or whatever… we have to make simplicity into something so intricate that you lose track of the beginning in the middle?

Simple is hard.  Simple is complicated.  Simple is in many ways infinitely more complicated than complication could ever hope to be.  If simple were simple there’d be no need for complicated.  There’d also be very little point in going above and beyond anything.

I know it seems weird.  But that’s what makes it so simple.

facts… and the squirrels that ignore them…

facts albert einstein

Are facts and the truth really the same thing?  Einstein was probably more concerned with his theory than the truth.  But, he needed the truth, facts to prove that what he was thinking was correct.  He depended on concrete to prove his jello wasn’t just jello.  Without the concrete, well, you get the idea.

But, if the concrete he had wasn’t gonna make what he wanted… if it wasn’t going to set hard enough, he needed to find the concrete that would.  So, just because something isn’t as it seems with what’s in front of you, it doesn’t mean that seeming can’t be believing.  Keep working at it… keep researching… but also know when the point to stop is reached.  If you waste your time looking for something to prove what seems, you’ve lost.