cracks and walls…

cracks spackle and walls

As I may have mentioned before, I sped a lot of time looking up…mostly because I’m so short.  When you spend a lot of time looking up, you get to know things.  I see cracks in walls forming.  They start out real small, almost undetectable.  Gradually the raise up to the surface, a fissure in the wall.  This could take years.  Then there are times that a crack shows up, completely out of nowhere.  It wasn’t there the day before.  It wasn’t even there an hour or two before.  It just shows up.

Those are the ones you have to worry about.  You have to worry about them because they were there fast.  Something underneath that crack was just waiting to get out.  Something underneath that wall just moved.

You have a problem that spackle and wall patch will not solve.  They WILL cover it up… temporarily fix the cleavage… But if you want to solve it right, you’re going to have to go deep.  How deep is anyone’s guess.