talking about myself…

talking about myself

I talk and write about myself all the time.  I am my favorite subject.  All writing, be it fiction or non-fiction, in some way is autobiographical.  To be honest, for the longest time I thought autobiographical writing meant writing about yourself in cars.  I was a silly squirrel back in the day.

The danger with writing about yourself is drifting into self-censorship.  You get to a point where there’s something that you just don’t want to touch, or you tweak it a little, or you flat out lie about it.  If you can’t be honest about yourself, what makes you think that someone else can be completely honest with you?  Lie enough to yourself and eventually you’ll completely forget who you are. For some that might be exactly the plan.  If that’s not your plan then stop lying.

At this point, my whole existence is a matter of public record.  I could lie… I could fib… I could even deny.  But why bother?

NOTE: Frank wanted me to mention this.  Starting today, he will no longer be offering the SQUIRRELOSOPHY panels up for auction on eBay.  Instead, he will be offering each daily panel for sale (unless otherwise specified) on this website.  Just look for the button to buy underneath each image.  If the button is there, it’s available. If not, well, you get the idea.

If there is an image before today that you may be interested in purchasing send frank an email to check its availability.

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