multiple personalities…

multiple personalities

I have a multiple personality problem: I’m running out of room to store them all.

Anyone who breathes has at least two personalities.  If there are two or more, that would be multiple personalities, right?  Now, before anyone who reads this gets all up in arms about a squirrel bagging on mental illness, stop.  I’m not going there…so neither should you.  I will not dispute or refute anything about those suffering from any kind of mental illness.  I know it’s real.

I’m talking about something I’ve covered before.  The beings we become or need to be in certain situations to get the optimal benefit.  As I said before we’re all actors.  The difficulty and ultimate illness comes from not KNOWING you’re an actor and just being.  When that crazy-eyed monster before you doesn’t know that they are in fact a nice person that’s a problem.  I keep my masks in check… and in boxes.  But I always keep in the back of my mind that I may be one or two acting gigs away from never coming back… so I have to be careful.

It’s all about being a more responsible multiple personalitied squirrel in the world trying to get a nut or two.  Did I just make up a new word or did I just spell an old word wrong?