my sky…

my sky

There are days when it is so blue that you can easily get lost in it.  Those are the days where there are just enough white puffy clouds in the sky to match the mind’s eye picture of what a sky should look like.  Yesterday, the sky was so blue… bluer than other days.  The air seemed cleaner, and clearer… like the world all of a sudden converted to high definition.  I sat there, in the middle of that day and just looked up.  It wasn’t a long look.  Just a glance up at the sky… into a patch of blue between two clouds that never met.  I felt like I was flying… my vision was focused a head…nothing else was around me.  I didn’t feel like I was in front of it or under it, I felt like I was in it.

It was over 30 seconds later…and that was fine.  I had my moment…doubt the sky felt the same.  It was a chance to catch my breath, stop, re-evaluate and move forward.  Frank does it all the time… and wishes that he could stare up a little more.

Try and find that perfect patch of blue above you.  It’s a wonderful memory to add to your scrapbook.