embrace your inner squirrel…

embracing your inner squirrel

This is a cartoonist’s rendering of Bob the Squirrel embracing his inner squirrel.  This is a phenomenon that has never been caught by pen and ink.

Scientists and cartoonists alike have often hypothesized just exactly the moment would look like.  Theories were postulated and re-postulated over several decades.  Careers were bought, sold, destroyed and made with this moment as the center of the universe.

Finally, at 4:55 AM, Tuesday, June 18, 2013, the wait and anticipation were about to become a memory.  The world would finally see what was once thought to be a myth, a legend, a folk tale if you will.  Scientists whose years of study and following unleadable leads… over.  We will see what embracing the inner squirrel finally looks like.

Finally.  The moment….

…was a complete and total letdown.  It’s just a squirrel on a stool… and not a very nice stool at that.  The thing didn’t even have a padded seat.

To embrace the inner squirrel, all you really need to do is sit down and shut up.  That’s how I do it.