technical exhaustion…

technical exhaustion

I’m exhausted.

As a squirrel, my biology allows me to perform feats of physicality unknown to humans.  We can jump higher, climb faster, carry heavy things… let’s face it, if there were a squirrel Olympics, there would be sponsors falling over each other trying to get a piece of it.

But, when biology meets technology… it isn’t necessarily a party.  Despite what my physiology tells me I should be able to do… I’M STILL EXHAUSTED!

Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+… what the flipping flip?!  Do we really need to be everywhere all the time?  The answer is of course, YES.  Every week a new thing I gotta have a presence on pops up.  I’m a one squirrel show here…Bob gets a little beat sometimes.  I’m sure in this social media frenzy, something is gonna give… there are going to be a lot of exhausted people out there… including this squirrel here.

Don’t worry about Frank, he can handle it.  I’m convinced that that man is made of caffeine.

Admit it, you’re a little tired too.  We’re a society that needs to be connected… all. the. time.  Whatever happened to some alone time?  Didn’t alone time once mean someone being alone?  Now, alone time is accompanied by a mobile device to keep on top of your Facebook like count.  I love it… but doggone it, a squirrel gets tired.  A squirrel gets tired.