expanding horizons

expanding the squirrel horizons

In order to have a fulfilling life on this mud ball, one must make an attempt to expand one’s horizons.  It’s just something you need to do.  The flip side of that is, once you expand them, you really should be prepared for what that expansion could do.

Horizons expanded, especially when they’re done well, have a tendency to become obsessions… in some cases very EXPENSIVE obsessions.  In the long run, there’s benefit:  you learn something new, the roundness of your self becomes more rounded, you learn something new (wait, didn’t I already say that?) and some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

There is a beauty in living life within a cocoon.  But you can’t grow too much in a cocoon.  At least that’s what some insects have told me.  They don’t get bloated though either.

I’ve had two days off from this blog, cut a squirrel a break if I can’t drop the squirrelosophy on you like I used to.  Hard to believe and experience the fact that that little bit of time has thrown me this far out of shape.  ugh. ugh. another double ugh.

Triple ugh with a side of aspirin and a cheeto.


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