lego my bob…

lego bob

Lego.  The bane of midnight, barefooted floor walkers.  Ever step on one when you’re not expecting it?  It hurts so bad that it could make your teeth tear up.  But why spend time swapping war stories like that?  There’s a load of philosophical laundry that needs to be put in the dryer, right?

A lego only becomes something if it is plural.  I built this house out of lego… no one says that.  I built this house out of LEGOS.  Makes more sense, right?  As much as we sometimes want, we cannot exist where nothing exists.  As much as I want to climb a tree and shut it all out, I can’t.  You can never shut it all out.  So you have to pick and choose what comes in… and even then you never know what you’re gonna get.  We can only deal with what we can deal with.

A break is great…just so long as it doesn’t start by stepping on a lego.