the life of words…

the life of words

Words are interesting.  They comprise a good chunk of how we communicate.  They live well past the biology of our bodies and minds.  They are living things that don’t require food or water… just the air on which to spread.  Words start wars… but they also end them.  They can stir up an emotion in the half blink of an eye…they are everything and nothing at the same time.

There are other forms of communication… some can even argue that a visual form of communication is superior to words… or even audio… Seems to me a word can bridge into both of those forms, making it much more effective, provided of course that it is spoken or written in a language you understand.

If I could be Chaplin, I would.  He said everything visually… with the occasional intertitle as a bridge.  But what if someone was blind?  How then could he communicate?

I’ll never be Chaplin… then again, he’ll never be a squirrel.  Use your words wisely.