intrusion illusion

intrusion illusion of bob the squirrel
I am an optical intrusion.  I carry the illusion that I am more than what you see.  I cannot be one dimensional… because if I were, I’d be nothing more than a line.  I live because you have seen fit to give me that life.  I sometimes entertain the notion that I somehow earned that life… but I think I took more than I earned.  It’s not a notion that I entertain often…

If I didn’t post anything, would I be alive?

If I posted stuff that no one ever read, would I still be alive?

If you read what I posted, and then you forgot it all… would I be alive?

If you read what I posted, forgot it all, then stumbled onto it again, would that mean I was just hibernating in your brain or would it mean that I was born?  Or re-born?

The cheerios I ate this morning obviously were filled with self-doubt…why else would they have a hole in them?  I think a bit of  nothing illusion hit me right in the tail… hence this squirrel dive into existentialism.  No wonder you hardly ever see an existentialist smile.  Although, I’m not sure if their mode of thought, being human oriented, could accurately be applied to me.  Maybe I’ll start a new one…to add to the squirrelosophy pantheon:  squirrelstentialism.

What do you think?  Do any of us think?  Is it all an illusion?


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