Obey your Master…

obey your master

I look at that Master’s degree every single day.  I remember what Frank went through to get that thing.  The sleepless nights, the days upon days away from home and the family… and more often than not, when he WAS home, he either had his nose in a book or a pencil in his hand.  He was a 18 wheeler with a perpetual tank of fuel…it was an amazing thing to watch.  It’s like watching a great moment in sports years after it happened… you wonder, “that doesn’t seem like it could be possible… but it happened, the evidence is right there… it happened.”

Then, he got it and it was all done.  It changed him, but it didn’t change him.  I think he’s pretty proud of that.

But that doesn’t mean all that work or that piece of paper makes him right all the time.  Maybe if he gets that PhD, he’ll finally have an opportunity to be right about something.

Not sure where I’m going with this… just enjoy the comic.  🙂


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