Regret pregret gonna get…

regret, regrets

I try really hard not to have anything to regret.  Regret is the worst.  You have an opportunity in front of you, you weight the options and outcomes of that opportunity, you decide.  You got through the elements of your decision.  You walk away.  You go home, you chill… then you think about the decision you made earlier.

There are two ways this could go… either you’re cool with it, or you’re not.  There’s an addendum to that… you can’t remember what you decided…we won’t talk about that one today.

Let’s say you have regrets… but not of the whole decision, just a piece of it.  The vibes are 94% positive, with only a 6% crud factor.  Do you let that 6% roast the 94%?  In times of pain, probably.  But had you not made that decision, you could be at 40%, 30%.  Once you make the decision, there will always be regrets.  It’s what you do with those feelings that makes the difference between a smile and a scream.

Most of the time, we decide in the moment.  Instant computation to an almost instant result.  But, there are other times when the fruits of a moment don’t ripen for a long time.  If you aren’t patient… really patient, you could miss out on a lot.

Regret is a waste of time like some other stuff…  Regretting isn’t going to any more change yesterday as it will change today.  So, if you can help it, don’t do it.