the eternal question…again

eternal question

So, I put the eternal question out there again.  I’m not sure how many answers I got last time, but no matter how many I got, the answer isn’t floating around in my head right now.  Maybe I had it and forgot it.  Maybe I forgot that I never had it.  Maybe it’s just a rhetorical question with no answer, rhetorical or otherwise.  Why do I care that this is all there is?  Why can’t this squirrel just be happy for once and genuinely mean it?  Happiness isn’t necessarily a thing to me… I think it’s more of a moment. An eternal moment that comes and goes… as moments tend to do.  I need more happy moments.

We all need more happy moments.  Maybe the answer to this unanswerable question will reveal itself in one of those moments.  Maybe you can’t look for it, try to manufacture it.  Maybe you just have to wait for it.  And you know how much I love to wait.

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